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When more churches run Alpha,

more guests meet Jesus.

It’s that simple.

Alpha Mid Atlantic is an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working in partnership with Alpha USA to train and equip churches in PA, NJ, and DE in running the Alpha course.

I didn’t know Jesus as a child or young adult, but at Alpha several years ago Jesus introduced Himself to me. He changed my life forever and transferred me from the kingdom of darkness to His beautiful kingdom of light and truth.


Alpha participant in PA and member of Alpha Mid Atlantic Leadership Team

Alpha has affected every single aspect of Parish life. The faith life of the parish is completely different—they have faith. Alpha was the one most significant thing in my life as a priest. If I didn’t have Alpha right now, I don’t know where I would be. Personally. Spiritually. Vocationally.

Father Mark Begly

Pastor, Our Mother of Sorrows Catholic Parish, Johnstown, PA

I wanted nothing to do with church or God. But God led me to Alpha and on the fourth night I found God. Really, God found me. I felt loved, redeemed, like I had a purpose. The hole inside me was finally filled. I couldn’t believe it—after all those years of turning my back on God that he would forgive me and accept me. My role now is to bring people to Alpha, to introduce them to Jesus.


Alpha participant and leader at Faith Alliance Chapel, NJ

Alpha has given us a consistently simple and fun way to welcome people on the margins into our lives as a church family. Alpha has taught us how to listen attentively and be more empathetic as we consider guests’ questions with love and respect. We love running Alpha—at church, at the local prison, and at a coffee shop—because we get to be with people as they come to know Jesus. The evidence of new life is undeniable!

Renee Blanchard

Multiply and Strategic Initiatives Coordinator, West Shore Free Church, Mechanicsburg, PA

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