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Alpha has traditionally only been offered in person. Since the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alpha is now available in a completely online format. Many churches now realize they will always offer both in person and online Alpha courses. Find out more about using Alpha in an online format. 


#1 Know Your Audience!

Determine who you’re trying to reach and decide which series you would like to use. Alpha has been filmed in different formats, so you can find the one that works for you.


One Alpha. Three different ways.

15 talks – 11 weeks
Toby Flint & Gemma Hunt

Repackaged for today’s audience, the Alpha Film Series is emotive, engaging and epic in scale and scope. Nicky Gumbel and two new presenters, Toby Flint and Gemma Hunt, walk through the basics of the Christian faith in a way that everyone can relate to. The episodes feature inspiring stories and interviews from all around the world, as well as visual illustrations and motion graphics.

13 sessions – 10 weeks
Jason Ballard and Ben Woodman

This new Alpha Youth Series has been totally reimagined for today’s youth culture. Through 13 sessions filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris, Rome, Israel, and many other incredible locations, the Alpha Youth Series explores timeless questions about life, faith and God for a new generation.

The series offers compelling stories, images, questions, and discussion topics well spread throughout each episode to better engage youth, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives as they discuss with their friends and leaders.

ALPHA – Nicky Gumbel
15 talks – 11 weeks
Nicky Gumbel

Alpha pioneer, Nicky Gumbel, delivers a complete set of Alpha talks filmed live at HTB, London where Alpha began. These videos provide the timeless version of Alpha talks for tens of thousands of churches of all denominations around the world.

Two Additional Contexts 


Alpha is a tool for evangelisation that is being used by thousands of Catholic parishes to introduce people to the life-changing message of Jesus Christ. In particular, it is attracting many young people who are asking the question, ‘Is there more to life than this?’ Find out more about using Alpha in the Catholic context.


Empower your church to run Alpha in your local prison. Get in touch with us so that we can support you, get the training so that you’re fully prepared, and use our new scripts to engage your audience. Run Alpha and see lives transformed. Find out more about Alpha in prison.

#2 Register Your Course on MyAlpha!

Once you have created your Alpha course on MyAlpha, you can schedule your weekly sessions, invite your team members, and download all your materials—including videos, guest guides, and all promotional materials.


#3 Train Your Team!

Online Training—Located in MyAlpha, our Learning Center contains a series of short videos that will teach you and your team how to create the best experience for your guests. This training is essential to the success of your Alpha!

In-person Training—In addition to the training offered online, Alpha Mid Atlantic offers several in-person training opportunities each year. These training days allow you to learn from seasoned Alpha leaders across our region. Please visit our Events page to learn about upcoming training days.

Ongoing Support—Alpha Mid Atlantic is here to support you in running your Alpha course. We offer training to help you launch your first courses and we offer ongoing training to help you grow your existing Alpha courses. And we are always available by phone and email for additional support.

The Marriage and Pre-Marriage Courses

Our freshly re-imagined marriage courses are designed to help you invest in your relationship so you might strengthen your marriage. All resources for the Marriage Courses are now offered completely free of charge! Courses are offered in-person and online throughout the Alpha Mid Atlantic region.

Find out more about the Marriage Courses, including how to register a new course or to find a course near you.

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