Continue strengthening the roots of your faith even after Alpha.


We’re so glad you’re here. Whether you’re just beginning to explore who God is, or you’ve recently come to a fresh and deeper faith in Jesus, or you’ve been faithfully growing in your relationship with Jesus for decades, we trust you will find words of spiritual refreshment on these pages. From the opening chapters of Genesis, where God initiated deep, personal interaction with humankind, to the incarnation of the God-man, Jesus, one thing has been clear. God desires intimate fellowship with everyone who bears his image.

Wherever you are on your faith journey today, we hope these posts will remind you of these encouraging truths. God loves you. God is for you. God will never forsake those who call on his name, because he is faithful and true. May God fill you with his peace today.

What is the Mission of the Church Today?

What is the mission of the Church today? Has the pandemic caused it to shift? Is our concern over lapsed membership due to the pandemic quickly eclipsing our priority to reach the lost? I’ve spent the summer reading through the gospels, wanting...

How To Deal With Shame

The Bible is full of stories that deal with shame. Think Adam and Eve. David killing Uriah. Joseph’s brothers selling him into slavery. The list goes on and on. Shame is a part of our shared human condition so it’s really no surprise that God...

How Do We Return to Normal After Pandemic?

Everywhere we turn the desire is palpable—we want to return to normal after pandemic life. Our experience in the Church is no different. We yearn to fling our doors open, welcome our erstwhile congregants back, and revert to business as usual. Our primary focus is ensuring our people have returned for worship; then, and only then, will we turn our attention to inviting newcomers to join us. Our focus should be, must be, our existing flock, entrusted by God into our care. That is, after all, who we’re commissioned to serve. Or is it?